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Simple and effective

The MILQ frother is a simple accessory to apply to the steam pipe of your espresso machine, its action is to mount and heat the milk.
Version MILQ8 (1/8 Gas thread).
Version MILQ10 (M10x1 thread) .

What are the qualities

MILQ emulsifies milk for cappuccino with ease .
It does not require any experience or manual skill and gives you excellent results every time.

How is made

MILQ consists of only 2 pieces:
1 plastic injector
1 shaped tube in soft silicone.
MILQ must be placed on the steam nozzle:

How to use

MILQ does not change the way to make cappuccino:

MILQ works preferably vertically, always use cold milk from the refrigerator.


In the package there are 2 pieces that make up the MILQ:
the hard plastic injector
and the soft silicone tube.
Before using the MILQ you have to adapt it to the size of the jug you want to use, for this you have to shorten the long tube with a pair of scissors.
The height of the MILQ must be approximately equal to that of the jug used.
For the correct use, the long tube must touch the bottom of the jug and the milk must submerge the central tube as shown in the figure.
During the work cycle the milk can double in volume, stop the steam at your judgment.
Use a small jug for a single 100 cc dose, a medium jug for 200 cc. and larger for larger doses.
According to the cases the outer tube should be longer than the central tube of 1 - 3 cm.
Hold the pot with your hand from underneath and open the steam, when it starts to burn, close the steam.
For a perfect cappuccino the milk should not exceed 60° C.


On the milk froth body there is the small hole shown in the drawing below, the air that enters emulsifies the milk.
When the hole becomes clogged MILQ stops working, heats up but does not mount the milk, use a pin if necessary to free it.
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